The english cv will be published in a book with the biographies of Musictherapists, edited by Prof. Joseph Moreno in USA




Overview of my life in dates

Hans-Helmut Decker-Voigt

Prof. Dr. rer.mus., Dr. h.c. in art sciences, Prof. h.c. In art sciences in Celle/Lower Saxony, born in 1945, bedridden from 1948 to 1955 because of a.o. polyo and tuberculosis, temporary guest pupil at the humanistic secondary school, education in music publishing, music studies, pedagogics (Pädagogische Hochschule Lüneburg bis Vordiplom) in Germany, Master in Expressive Therapy (Lesley College Grad. School Cambridge/USA), Ph.D. in psychology (c/o Prof. Les Carr, Columbia Pacific University St. Rafael/St. Francisco (not acknowledged in Germany), Ph.D. in music science (c/o Prof. Hermann Rauhe, University of Music and Theatre Hamburg).

Main occupations:

  • 1969: Director of the organisation of music schools of Baden-Württemberg
  • 1970 / 1971: Director of the music school in Uelzen
  • 1971: Director of the music department of the newly founded Protestantic University for Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth
  • From 1976 till 1983: Director of the Lesley - Institute of Media-and Exressive-Therapy in Hösseringen (German Department of Arts Institute at Lesley College Grad. School Cambridge/USA) together with Prof. Paolo J. Knill
  • At the same time: From 1978 till 1985 Professor for music therapy at the University for Music and Theatre Hamburg as well as researcher at the Medical University in Hannover for “music in social psychiatry”
  • From 1985 till 1988: Head of the program of music therapy at the University for Music and Theatre Hamburg (test study program by order of the German government, Bund-Länderkommission)
  • From 1990 till 2010: Founder and Head of the Institute for music therapy of the University of Music and Theatre Hamburg in cooperation with the hospital Gut Wienebüttel for patients with  brain injuries and coma / persistent vegetative state in Lüneburg (till 2008, 2009 preparation of the successor at the University Hospital Eppendorf UKE in Hamburg)
  • From 1993 till 1996: General Secretary of the World Association of Music Therapy (WMFT) and President of the VIII World Congress in Hamburg under the patronage of German Chancelor Helmut Schmidt
  • Co-Founder of the European Graduate School University in Leuk/Switzerland (Founder-President Paolo J. Knill)
  • 1998 till today: President Academy of the Herbert von Karajan-Foundation Cologne (formerly Berlin)
  • 2010: – Senior Professor
  • Since 2015: Director of the (ending) Ph.D. program for music therapy (Doctor of music science) and codirector of both research stations for art therapy and musician diseases (together with Prof. Ralph Spintge) 


Guest professor:

  • Lesley College Grad. School Cambridge/USA 1976/77
  • Medical College Taipeh/Taiwan 1998
  • Conservatory Debrecen und ELTE-University Budapest/ Faculty of healing pedagigics from 1993 till 1998
  • University Tallin/Estonia from 1999 till 2004


Editor Aktuelle Periodika:

  • Journal “Musik und Gesundsein” (Music and Health) semi-annual magazine, publishing house Reichert, Wiesbaden since 2010 (
  • „Hamburger Schriften zur Musiktherapie“ (book series „Hamburg papers on music therapy“), publishing house Reichert, Wiesbaden since 2010
  • „Praxis der Musiktherapie“ (book series „Practise of music therapy“), publishing house Hogrefe, Göttingen since 2009



  • Prof. h.c. of art sciences and Dr. h.c. of the M.u.L. Rostropovitch-University Orenburg/Russia
  • Honorary member of the Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellschaft (German organisazion of music therapy)
  • Honorary president of the Hungarian organisation of music therapy
  • Medal of honour of the ELTE-University Budapest
  • Honorary member of the Arts Institute Tallin University (Estland)



      • Publications
  • Played from the Soul. An introduction to Music Therapy (with E. Weymann) Music 1993
  • New Sounds in Medicine (with J. Escher) Bremen/Lilienthal 1995
  • I Am Made Sick by What I love... Music Medicine for Ill Musicians (with H. Rauhe and G. Schnack) see above 1995
  • Dictionary of Music Therapy (with E. Weymann and P.J. Knill) Göttingen 1996, newly edited in 2009
  • Heart and Circulatory Problems and Music. Series ENERGON with Polygram, Hamburg 1997
  • "And What Hurts Your Heart." Music Therapy for Heart Patients (with F.-K. Maetzel) Gottingen 1997
  • Mit Musik ins Leben, Kreuzlingen 2000 and as pocketbook, München 200O
  • Musiktherapeutische Tiefenentspannung, Hypnomusictherapy, Lilienthal/Bremen 2009
  • Lehrbuch Musiktherapie (together with Dorothea Oberegelsbacher und Tonius Timmermann), München 2009
  • Zwischen Tönen und Worten, Wiesbaden 2012
  • Musiktherapie und Basale Stimulation, Aachen/Herzogenrath, 2016

               Translations in 14 Languages

Beyond these individual titles I am also the editor of the two book series "Music as an Aid for Life" (Bremen, since 1997, 11 volumes) and "Music and Communication" (Bremen, since 1986, 5 volumes so far). I am also the contributing editor of the CD series Music and Good Health (Polygram Hamburg, since 1997).

Besides scientific publications I have issued 24 titles in literature (novels, columns). The most important opus to me is my roman trilogy “Das Pfarrhaus”, integrating the history of my family, which has “produced” reverents and scientists for theology since Martin Luther (see history of ecclesiastic structures of neurotics).

Website: Das Pfarrhaus